Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Becomes 2011, and I'm Becoming, Too

Cheers to my first blog of the new year, and in a long while. I had been wanting to write all last week to kind of close up the year but time just seemed to get away fro me, as did the year. So here's to a new year, a new beginning, new thoughts, and new plans.

I guess it's only appropriate to remember the important parts of 2010 before I move on and let it actually be in the past, so I'll start off with some classic memories.

Graduation was a big part of the year. Once 2009 was over, the days left at Richwoods seemed to go by faster and the end seemed closer all the time. It was really interesting to see friends change, both to be stronger and to be faded, but the ones who became stronger are still here so that must be part of the bottom line. It all seems so cliche but if you think about it, the entire high school experience is kind of cliche. Yes, it teaches you all of these important lessons and it teaches you who you are, but I've come to find that who you want to be is a higher priority than who you are right now. You have to start somewhere. I miss Richwoods, but it's a breath of the biggest relief to say that with the closing of 2010, I really want to close the parts that were no good and the parts that don't define me.  I want to keep in sight and focus on who I'm trying to become instead of dwelling on the darker things that shaped me into what I am so far. Yes, I still have struggles, and I surely will always have struggles to let things go and see the silver lining, but as I keep going I think it will be easier to do so, and the struggle will become smaller. Cheers to living life and moving on.

On a lighter note, let's remember Dave :)Twice this year I was blessed with the presence of Dave Matthews Band, once from afar at Alpine Valley, once from closer at Wrigley Field, and once in a lifetime in person at the Peninsula hotel. Both concerts I saw with one of my best friends, Hannah, and meeting Dave in person with her was the experience of a lifetime. On both sides, we couldn't have imagined it more perfectly without each other. We had a great time on every car, bus, and train ride throughout the whole trip, and I am secretly happy that we missed our bus stop and had to cart our suitcases up and down the streets of Chicago to get back on track :) Cheers to the perfect luck and to being young.

This year we went off to college, and being apart from my other third, Elissa, is hard. She left too soon and even though she's just a few hours away, sometimes it seems like she's a lot further. I did have the best time visiting her in November however, and it's definitely in the cards to happen again soon. That's probably my top dislike about ICC, missing out on a real college experience, but overall my likes about where I am in school easily outweigh the dislikes and I'm choosing to be happy about it. Regardless, I never forget, but it's nice to be reminded of how awesome my best friends are, and having that kind of fun together just makes me feel like no matter what I'm always going to be loved, and as cheesy and cliche as that and everything else is, I don't even care. I'm not one to deny the true statements about life. In fact, I rather enjoy pointing them out, and to be honest, I kind of like living in the moment like that. It just makes it a little more real. Playing up the happiness in your life tends to make the happy parts even happier, so why wouldn't I want to do that? Cheers to friendship and to life experiences.

A big part of this year and my high school life is Noah. He is...entirely too many pieces of crazy to put into words haha but that's exactly what I've come to love. We have been through a hell of a lot over the past four years now, and while there is a lot I'd love to change, I wouldn't, not only because I don't have that option but also because no matter how bad or how tough things are, they bring you to the point of where you are. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and the fact that I'm somehow just as smitten with him even through the worst parts of our friendship and our relationship, there has to be a reason I'm still here with him. What we have isn't perfect, but I'm learning more from just this one relationship that I probably could have learned through twelve separate relationships, and I consider myself lucky that they all get to be with the same person. Noah drives me crazy, makes me mad, frustrates me, and is the biggest hermit I know, but he also makes me laugh the hardest, he makes me think the most, and he knows how to get into my head and my heart and really give me the feeling of pure happiness. Whatever happens between us down the road doesn't really matter now, because I have a second family through him and even if it doesn't work out at some point, I would be able to say that I was happy with the time I had. Cheers to love.

This year I got a real job, or at least that's what it feels like to me. Working at KP has been such a step into my adult mind. (haha that makes me think of how many times a week we laugh about something inappropriate:) hahaha) I have met some pretty awesome people through this job, and I really like having the responsibility of many people counting on me to do my job. Being in a chiropractic office everyday also made me figure out the answer to the ever so popular question of what I want to be when I grow up. My big plan is to open up a wellness center where I would practice chiropractics and have a studio for my mom to teach yoga, and rooms for massage therapy, acupuncture, music and aroma therapy, and physical therapy. I love putting on scrubs everyday and feeling like a million bucks when I go places after work, still in my scrubs. I really do learn a lot from my bosses and from all the work related and social part of being the girl behind the reception desk and I'm so glad to be in my own shoes when it comes to this job. Cheers to the first step and to being a young adult.

Over the summer I played "Sandy" in Grease, and I know it's not technically in 2010, but I've been rehearsing for Wizard of Oz as "Dorothy" for many weeks now. I was afraid that being out of high school would take away that built-in theatre time that I had, but who was I kidding? I'm a theatre nut through and through, and these two experience alone are more than enough to remind me of how awesome my favorite hobby is and how many friends I've made along the way. Cheers to the arts and the celebration of music.

At the beginning of this blog I had no idea I'd be writing this much about how awesome my year was, but this is proof that it really wasn't too bad at all. A couple other things that were great for me was going to State for the second time in speech, being in Thoroughly Modern Millie at Richwoods, being on prom court, performing in the music assembly, and having a billion legit games of Frisbee.

I'd also like to mention how awesome family is. Let me get through one single blog without bring up family haha but there is reason for it. I’m entirely blessed to have the family that I do. My family is such a unique bunch of people and I love it more than anything. Just the other night for my mom’s birthday we had a wine tasting party, and we pulled out an old turntable and boxes and boxes of records that ended up being probably the coolest thing I’ve done with my family in a while. Hearing old stories of my uncles buying albums and my mom spending her babysitting money on this album and that album took me right into to their decade of music and I loved it. Being able to share things with my mom is something that has become a major greatness to me. In the past year she has put the mom card aside and used a new one called friend. While I’ll admit it was a new kind of cool, it was and still is sometimes hard to get used to, but in a good way. I think the hard part is just accepting the realization that I’m at the age where my mom playing the mom card is less needed but more appreciated. So cheers to my mom, my wonderful family, and the friend card.

I can't ignore two major reasons why 2010 was such a growing up year for me, but I'm choosing to limit my thoughts to paper on these ones, but to sum it up, I really thought I knew who I was this year, and to my surprise I'm glad I don't know anymore. Who I thought I was and who I want to be are now two very different people. This year I opened my mind up to many foreign concepts and allowed myself to experience life to its fullest. It's hard to say, still, where my head is after it all, but to say the least, I'm glad that life happened to me and gave me another set of eyes to glance through, even if part of it was just momentarily. Cheers to experiences and no judgements.

2010 was good to me, and with a slightly heavy heart, I'm kind of sad to see it go. But alas, I welcome another new year with hopeful thoughts and a positive outlook. I'm curious to see what changes this year, because it seems like every year something major does. What I'm really looking forward to is seeing how many hopes of mine become realities, which bring me to my New Year's Resolution. Resolutions, actually.
I've been training for a marathon since August now, and while it still feels like it's going slow, just this weekend made me think otherwise. I ran my second race and really felt good about myself, physically and mentally. Running has changed a lot about me; what I eat, what I do on nights I know I'm running the next morning, and how I take care of myself. It's also turned me into a gear junkie, which I'm still pretending isn't a serious problem, as long as I don't spend ALL of my money on running shoes and all the gear that goes along with it. :) I resolve (is that how you start a resolution?) to continue training, and run the 2011 Chicago Marathon in October. I also resolve to keep my grades up, even through this overwhelming 17 hour semester I have coming up. Getting the 3.5 G.P.A. was awesome, and I'd love to do it again, so watch out Bio and Chem labs. My last formal resolution is to be happy. I know it's sort of vague, but it's simple. Reminding myself of good things in my life and remembering the good people and things that surround me makes life worth it. I'm more than lucky to be alive and well, and thinking that that isn't enough, even just for a second is something I want nothing to do with anymore. I want to be thankful for everything I have. I want to be motivated and successful, and I want to share my talents and my ideas with everyone who will listen. I want to be a part of this world in a positive way, and I want to use the word "I" less. Giving back and being thankful are the good graces of life, and it also makes people happy. So 2011, cheers. To another year this world can be happy for.