Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Re-cap

And so the countdown until Christmas Break begins! J What a great week of Thanksgiving Break though. I made a mental pro-con list in my head during the week that I would like to share; it was more of a like-dislike list. My first like: my aunt Viki, and cousins Corey and Tony, stayed at my house. We had a good time watching some old home movies and Corey makes the best food every time she is here! Dislike: Tim didn’t make it. It would have been really fun to have him play in our football game, which brings me to my next like. This year my cousin Jake came up with the idea to have a Turkey Bowl so Jake and my cousin Ty acted as team captains and drafted our teams during Game Night on Friday, which is another like. So on Saturday at the Burnett Thanksgiving, we played an awesome football game and I happened to be on the winning team that still remains nameless haha. It was perfect weather and we had a good crowd and good teams. The whole day was great and we had tons of good food. I also was the recipient of the Red Plate (finally!) due to my recent role of Dorothy and my role as Sandy this past summer. We had predicted that I would be in the running for it this time around so it was fun to actually be correct haha. Another like: the cousin talent show. For the second year now, we did a cousin’s talent show, thanks to Viki’s great idea. My cousin Connor did a great job with “Blackbird” on the guitar; it was awesome. My cousin Sam danced to my favorite re-mix of “Singin’ in the Rain,” and my cousin Van wrote a really funny poem about all of us. My cousin Pauline, my sister Bunny, and myself did a lovely mini-play with “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof and it was hilarious. I used a Swiffer instead of a broom for modern reasons, and everyone loved the dance. We even lit real matches at the end. The only dislike that came from the weekend festivities was my lack of sleep, but that’s nothing to worry about. Sunday was great too; we actually went to church as guest performers at Liberty Baptist Church. Amen! Haha, you had to be there. It was great though, we sang our greatest new piece, “E’en So Lord Jesus Quickly Come” and a couple of old songs that we usually do. It was a really fun service and I enjoyed watching my grandpa preach a bit haha. After that we had some lunch before we went and performed again at the Dingledine Center on Bradley’s campus. There were a lot of really talented musicians at this event and it was so much fun. We ended the evening with a viewing of Harry Potter 7, which was great. But, now it’s Monday again, and with about two weeks left before finals, I’d like to be over and done with school more than ever. Hopefully it won’t go by too slowly, and maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get some snow soon. And so the countdown begins.

"AMEN!"  :)
"Be thankful!"

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