Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lazy Saturday

I love waking up whenever I feel like it to find weather that just lets me stay comfy all day.
            So today I got a little slip of paper in the mail from my career class letting me know my grade and cumulative GPA and I’m wondering if that means for that class only or all around. But I’m happy with it either way so I won’t worry about it.
            Last night I saw Sweeney Todd at Cornstock and it was great. My very own uncle Bob Parkhurst was Sweeney and my very own best friend Hannah Sutton was in the chorus, along with lots of other awesome people and the whole production was fantastic. If you don’t have tickets, I’d definitely suggest you try to find some because it was scary good.
           Today becomes a lazy day for now, before I run anyway, and then I’ll be going out to Brimfield to celebrate my cousin Sam’s 24th birthday! J And on top of that I’ll be spending the night at another one of my family’s houses to watch their two dogs for the night. At the same time I’m also watching my neighbor’s cat while they are in Ireland. It’s just an animal watching weekend haha.
            I thought I’d have more interesting things to discuss so far on this whole blog thing so you’ll have to forgive me until I get the hang of it haha. Give me a couple more days and maybe something more exciting will happen J

“The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”   - Andy Warhol

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